Nookal Integration


A Nookal integration enables practitioners to directly access a profile in TeleHab from a client profile in Nookal – a practice management system.
Once a Nookal integration has been set up with TeleHab, client profiles in Nookal can sync with TeleHab.
For example: 
  • When a client profile is created in Nookal, the profile details can be synced to TeleHab by clicking the Open in TeleHab button in Nookal. 
  • When a client profile is edited in Nookal, the updated profile details can be synced to TeleHab by clicking the Open in TeleHab button in Nookal.
A Nookal integration also enables practitioners to import a client list from Nookal into TeleHab.
Note: The Nookal integration with TeleHab enables a one-way sync of profile data. Once a Nookal Integration with TeleHab has been set up, client profile details should only be created and updated in Nookal to avoid being overwritten.
The Nookal integration process involves the following steps:
  1. Obtain an API Key from Nookal
  2. Set up Nookal Integration in TeleHab
  3. Access TeleHab client profile from Nookal client profile
  4. [Optional] Import Nookal client list into TeleHab 


Step 1 - Obtain an API Key from Nookal

  1. Log in to your Nookal account.
  2. Click the Setup tab on the top menu bar.
  3. Click Integrations under Connections.
  4. Scroll to TeleHab on the integrations page.
  5. Click the toggle to enable integrations.
  6. Click Configure.
  7. Select the API Key and copy [Ctrl+C] the key.

Step 2 - Set up Nookal Integration in TeleHab

  1. Log in to your TeleHab practitioner account.
  2. Click Management from the main menu.
  3. Select TeleHab Settings.
  4. Click the Software integration tab.
  5. Click Set up Nookal integration.
  6. Paste the API Key from Nookal
  7. Click Save.


  • You must have user permissions for TeleHab PMS/EMR link, to access the software integration tab.
  • You will receive a message when your integration settings are saved successfully. If integration is not successful, wait a moment and try again. If you are not successful again, please contact

Step 3 - Access a TeleHab client profile from Nookal client profile

  1. Open a client profile in your Nookal account (via Diary or Client search).
  2. Click Clinical Notes
  3. Select a Case 
  4. Click the Exercises button.
  5. Click the Open in TeleHab button.


  • If you don't have a Case to select, you can create one by following Cases > Create New Case> Input case details > Save Changes.

Step 4 - [Optional] Import Nookal client list into TeleHab

  1. Ensure you have Set up a Nookal Integration in TeleHab.
  2. Go to Software integration in Settings.
  3. Click the Sync patients button.
  4. Note: 
    • Nookal client profiles will be listed, and any profiles with errors will appear at the top of the page.
    • Profile errors will occur when a profile is missing one or more of the following required fields:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Gender (Sex)
      • Email
    • Profile fields should be updated in Nookal, as profile data only syncs one way - from Nookal to TeleHab.
    • Profile errors do not need to be updated immediately. TeleHab will save client profiles that fail to sync and these can be updated in Nookal later.

  5. Click the Start sync button. 
  6. Note: 
    • This may take several minutes, depending on the number of clients being imported.
    • When the sync is completed. Sync results will be displayed.
    • Sync results will display the number of clients synced and the number of failed entries.

  7. Click the X icon on the Symc results.
  8. Click the Go back button to return to the software integration page. This page is where you can access the list of client profiles that failed to sync.


  • You can update your TeleHab profile list from the Profiles page. When you click the Sync icon, any new or updated clients in Nookal will sync with TeleHab.