Add a Practitioner to your Organisation

This article explains how to create a new practitioner for your organisation using Admin status.

If you are not set to Primary Admin or Admin status you will not have permission to create other practitioners for your organisation. Please contact your Primary Admin to set you to Admin status.


Step 1: Click the Settings button to open the Settings page (we recommend using the Create clinician button on the onboarding dashboard). 

Step 2: Click the manage users tab. If you are not set as a Primary Admin or Admin you will not see this tab.

Step 3: Click the create practitioner button.

Step 4: Type in the Given Name, Family Name and Email of the practitioner you are creating. The email used here will be the email the practitioner uses to log in to TeleHab.

Step 5: Click save to create the practitioner. 

Step 6: You will return to the manage practitioner tab, where the newly created practitioner will be listed. An email will be sent to the address used to create a password for the practitioner account. For more details on completing this please open the Practitioner Sign Up support page.

NOTE: Please check junk mail and other similar folders if the email is not delivered to your inbox.

Step 7: Click on the action menu to set the practitioner as an Admin.

If a practitioner no longer works at your organisation the account can also be deactivated from this menu.

If a practitioner does not receive their welcome email, you can resend the welcome email from this menu.

If you require any further assistance creating practitioners within your organisation or have a large number of practitioners to add to your organisation please contact