Practitioner Teleconferencing

This article explains how to use teleconferencing as a practitioner in TeleHab.


1. We recommend you use the practitioner version of TeleHab on a desktop or notebook computer. TeleHab for practitioners is not currently supported on tablets and mobile devices.

2. We recommend your clients use the following browsers for your online consultation: 

     - For iOS devices open in Safari.
     - For Android devices open in your default browser. If you experience problems, we recommend using Google Chrome.
     - For PC and Mac users open with Google Chrome.

3. If the camera or microphone is not active when the session begins use the mute audio and video icons to turn this off and then on again.

4. For further information on your client's perspective during teleconferencing click here.


Step 1: Open the Client page.

Step 2: Click on the online consultation button for the client that you want to invite. You can also start an online consultation from the individual client page.

Step 3: Once the teleconferencing screen opens, click the Start session button. Your client will be sent an email inviting them to join the online consultation.

If prompted, please allow access to your computer camera and microphone when opening the teleconferencing screen. This prompt will vary depending on the web browser that you using.

Step 4: After starting the session your client will have 5 minutes to join the consultation. After this 5 minute time window expires, you will need to start a new session to send a new email to your client.

During this waiting period you can:
     - Turn off your microphone and camera   
     - Minimise the consult window and view other TeleHab pages
     - Click the client’s email – this will open your default email software to contact the client via email
     - Enter full screen mode

Step 5: When your client start’s the session on their computer or mobile device, you will see three camera images. Two small images and a larger main image. Click on the small images to switch what appears on the main image.

It is recommended that your client position their mobile device in a landscape position for the best teleconferencing experience.

If the camera or microphone is not active when the session begins use the mute audio and video icons to turn this off and then on again.

Step 6: If you switch off your camera or microphone during the consultation you are still able to see and hear your client.

Step 7: During the consultation you will be able to type notes and either add small notations during the consult or add the entire text at the end of the consult.

Step 8: Clicking the screen share button will open a dialog box asking you what screen you would like to share.

Your shared screen will be displayed as the main image on the client’s computer or mobile device.

Please be aware of tabs and windows that you have open when screen sharing. Screen sharing options will vary between different web browsers.

Client view of screen share.

Step 9: Click on the minimise button to review progress, build programs and assign templates for your client.

Step 10: Press on the green icon in the top right hand corner of your screen to return to the the teleconferencing screen.

Step 11: To finish the online consultation, click the red end consultation button.

You will then have the option to continue the session or to end the session (after choosing to end the session you will be reminded to add any unsaved notes). Click the X button in the top right hand corner to close the teleconferencing screen.

In some cases you may need to close the browser window or tab to switch off the camera symbol in your browser. This will vary depending on the web browser you are using.

Save notes reminder.

Step 12: The Consultation logs tab in the individual client page will keep a record of your online consultations.

The Notes tab will store the notes created during the online consultation.

Please contact VALD Health Support if you need further assistance with teleconferencing.