Client Teleconferencing

This article explains how to use teleconferencing as a client in TeleHab.


You will receive an email inviting you to an online appointment when your health professional is ready to begin your consultation. 

Click the open online consultation button.

It is recommended that iPhone users access TeleHab through Safari. Android, PC and Mac users should use Google Chrome.

You will have 5 minutes to open the link, otherwise your health professional will need to start another session. If you are running late we suggest you contact your health professional.       

Please check junk mail and other similar folders if the email is not delivered to your inbox. 

You will be asked to allow access to the microphone and camera on your phone. If you do not allow access to this, you will not be able communicate with your health professional during your consultation.

Click Start session to begin your consultation.

Your screen will change so that you can see your health professional in the top of the screen and the view from your camera at the bottom of the screen.

It is recommended that you rotate your screen to landscape view.  

In this view the main screen will display your health professional, with a smaller display of your health professional and the view from your camera.

You can choose to turn off your microphone or camera by pressing the buttons on your screen.

If your camera or microphone are not working, it is recommended that you press that button to turn access off, then press again to switch access back on.

These buttons will disappear after 10 seconds of inactivity. Tap the screen and the buttons will reappear.

If your health professional chooses to share their screen, this will be displayed in the main screen. 

Screen share will only function with your screen in a landscape view.

To exit your online consultation please press the red hang up button. 

If you accidentally press this button during a consult, you can resume by opening the link from your email again.

If you have a TeleHab account you will be able to log in after your consultation ends. Please check your email if this is the first time you have been given a program.

If you experience any other problems using teleconferencing we recommend you call your health professional.