Print an Exercise Program

This article explains how to print  an exercise program assigned to a client, including customising settings.

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Print program from client screen

Print settings

Browser print screen


Step 1: Open the client profile and select the assigned programs tab.

Step 2: Click the print button for the program you would like to print.


Step 1: Toggle the settings to customise the print out that your client receives.

Options include:

  • "Show organisation details" includes the prescribing practitioner phone number and email.
  • "Include program summary page" includes the summary list of exercises in the program.
  • "Include exercise description pages" shows each individual exercise in more detail with a written description and keyframe image.
    • "Exercises to fit in a single page" allows you to select between 1, 2 and 4 exercises displayed on a single page.
    • "Show a single thumbnail per exercise only" toggles the exercise image from multiple keyframes to a single image.
  • "Include session recording page" displays recording tables for the exercise program.
    • "Number of tables" allows you to select the number of recording tables printed (up to 10 tables).

Step 2: Press the print button to open the browser print screen.



This screen will vary depend on the browser you are using. Please refer to support information provided by the specific browser.

Typical options include:

  • Select to Print or Save as a PDF.
  • Modify between Black & White and Colour.
  • Select print page range.
  • Number of copies to print.

If you require any further assistance printing programs or customising settings please contact