Importing a Client List into TeleHab

This article explains how to import a list of clients into TeleHab from your Practice Management System (PMS) or Electronic Management Record (EMR). For software that doesn't currently integrate with TeleHab this function will also allow you to update your client list with new clients and existing clients. If you would like TeleHab to integrate with your PMS or EMR please email TeleHab Support.


Please note that if a client's email already exists in TeleHab, the client's details will be updated during the import process.

It is recommended that you import a list directly from your PMS/EMR as modifiying the file in Microsoft Excel may change the format of the date of birth. Please ensure the date of birth column is in the format yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 1990-10-13). You can download an example CSV here.


Step 1: Open your PMS/EMR and locate the patient or client export function, ensuring that you save this file as a CSV file. If you are having problems identifying this function, please read the support pages of your PMS/EMR or contact them directly. Please note that TeleHab supports a single CSV file per import session.

Step 2: Open the Clients page in TeleHab by clicking the highlighted icon.

Step 3: Click the Import Client button.

Step 4: Click on the Select a CSV file button and select the saved file from your PMS/EMR.

Step 5:  Once you have selected the file click Open and a table will be generated with the data from your CSV. Contact us at TeleHab Support if there are any missing details compared to your CSV.

Step 6: Please correct rows highlighted in red, as there are details that are either missing or invalid that TeleHab requires to import your list. In this case you should amend these details in your PMS/EMR rather than make corrections to the CSV file. Once you have made the necessary corrections click reset and select the ammended CSV file.

Please ensure the date of birth column is in the format yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 1990-10-13). This can be edited in Microsoft Excel: 

- Open your CSV file, select the date of birth column. 
- Right click and select format cells.
- In the number tab select Date.
- Scroll down to select the correct format yyyy-mm-dd.

Step 7:  Entry rows will be marked by one of the following icons. Clicking the green tick icon will deselect the client so that the entry is not imported into TeleHab. 

Step 8:  Click Import to commence the import process. Depending on the number of clients you're importing, this may take several minutes. Please don't close the browser or navigate away from the page until it is completed.

Step 9: Once the process has finished, each entry will be marked with a result. Failed entries can be resubmitted, while successfully imported rows will be automatically deselected.

Step 10: Click on the Back to Clients button and the imported clients are now listed in your Client list.