Completing an Exercise Program on an Android Device

This article explains how to complete a TeleHab exercise program that your health professional has created for you.


Enter into your web browser to open TeleHab. 

Press Login to open the Login page.

Enter your email and password, then press Login.     

If this is the first time you have used TeleHab you will be asked to grant permissions so that you can access your exercise program. Press Yes, Allow to open your TeleHab dashboard.

From the TeleHab dashboard page press the Ready to perform button or the orange arrow to open your exercise program. 

Press Start Session to begin your exercise program or scroll down to look at the exercises in your program.

Press Ready to Exercise to commence your first exercise. Press the play button if you would like to watch a video of your exercise.

If this is the first time you complete a program using TeleHab you will be asked to allow access to the camera on your phone. Press Allow so that you can record your exercises for your health professional to review.

Your web browser may also request access to use the camera on your phone. Press to allow access to the camera.

If you block use of your camera you can change this setting in the camera menu in site settings. 

Press the Start button to begin the first set of your exercise.

If you have set your program to record your exercise the screen will display your camera view to ensure you are capturing the performance of the exercise correctly.

Press Finish once you have completed your set.

Enter the number of reps or the length of time that was completed and press Save Reps.

The rest period your health professional has chosen will count down for you. You can press the Skip Rest button to go to your next set straight away.

At the end of an exercise you can change the number of reps or the length of time that was completed and rate how much pain or the level of effort you felt during the exercise. These options will be set by your exercise professional.

Repeat this process for all the exercises given to you by your health care professional.

After your final exercise review your exercise program and press the Finish Session button.

Review your session and then press the Continue button to take you back to the TeleHab dashboard.