Create an Exercise Program

This article explains how to create a new exercise program in TeleHab.


Step 1: Open the Program Builder page from the button on the New Practitioner Dashboard or by clicking on the Program Builder button on the menu bar.

There are also a number of buttons included in the Clients page that take you directly to the Program Builder page.

Step 2: Enter the name of your program in the top left hand corner.

Step 3: To search for an exercise type text into the search box. Click the black X to clear the search box. You can also use the filter menus in combination with the search box to refine your search.

Step 4:  Click the exercise title to open a more detailed description of the exercise and to watch a video of the exercise. Click the X button in the top right hand corner to return to the Program Builder page.

Step 5:  To add an exercise to your program you can click and drag the exercise tile to the program list. Alternatively, hover over the exercise tile and once it turns green click the button to add it to the program list.

Step 6:  To change the exercise variables click the exercise in the program list. Click the variable you would like to change to enter the new value and click save.

Step 7:  To change the order of exercises click and drag exercises up and down the exercise list.

Step 8: To remove an exercise from your program list click the red X button on the exercise tile.

Step 9: Once you have the exercises you require in your program list click the “Assign to Client” button. You can also create templates from this screen.

Step 10: Select the client to assign the exercise program to. Clients can be searched using the search box or manually scrolled though. If you have already assigned a client to the program you will not be required to select a client.

Step 11: On the scheduling screen you can assign the start date of the program, the length of time the program will run for and if video recording is optional or mandatory.

Step 12: Click “Add program to plan” to create the program.  The program will appear in the assigned program list and your patient will be sent an email to allow them to access their new program.If you require any further assistance creating an exercise program or would like to request additions to our exercise library please contact